Every event in every field has a champion

James, when I get the chance, I’m looking at James’s attitude and expression, the media’s comments and James’s autobiography. I think it doesn’t matter that curry can’t get 60 plus. Er, it doesn’t matter that curry can’t get 60 plus. I think it’s children’s view, children’s view, basketball cognition, collective, extremely poor, um, the tongue… Continue reading

The previous deal was completed

From the Grizzlies, Conley’s comeback, Kovar Claude and so on, the price ah, this year’s 23 or 24, the previous deal was completed, ah, we just finished in the afternoon, right? Two days ago actually said ah, jazz actually. This year, in February, ah, I wanted to get Michael Conley of the Grizzlies. However, there… Continue reading

But we think the Lakers can still win

At that time, we predicted that although the Lakers had just lost a game, we thought they could still win a championship cup. But the fourth game was really the comeback of the Lakers after losing the third game. They won the fourth but the fifth game. You said that the heat’s victory not only… Continue reading