Colorado Avalanche and coach contract extension for 2 years general manager: excited about team progress

On Tuesday, Jardine Bedner signed a two-year extension to the 2021-22 season with Colorado Avalanche. Bedner took over Patrick Roy as the avalanche manager on August 25, 2016. The 47 year old coach has been 103-116-27 in three seasons and 9-9 in 18 playoffs. Last season, Colorado Avalanche entered the playoffs with a record of… Continue reading

5 slow mirror interpretation, Nuggets half-time lead 6 points three reasons, double giant 27 + 13 outside one picture reveals the real reason

On January 20, the Denver Nuggets temporarily led the walkers by 50-44 after half-time battle, forming the source of this situation. Both Jokic and Barton have no solution. One picture reveals the real cause, and makes the walkers feel murderous. At the beginning of the game, Jokic forced Turner to turn around and lay the… Continue reading

It’s great to have love! MLB and “manager” Li Chun enter Yantai SOS Children’s village to experience the fun of baseball

On December 21, MLB Major League Baseball’s “love is great” theme public welfare activity entered Yantai SOS Children’s village, China. At the same time, Li Chun, a famous Chinese actress who plays the manager of the hit TV series “Celebrating the past years”, also visited Yantai SOS Children’s village as MLB China’s caring public welfare… Continue reading

Home run contest new king crowned! Alonso, a bizarre rookie, won the second generation of Little Grero

The 2019 MLB All-Star Home Runner Competition was staged on the Cleveland Indians’home front court. Peter Alonso won three consecutive rounds of home run with goodbye and won the home run championship. Peter Alonso has also become the second rookie to win the home run competition after Alon Jatch, and the first Metropolitan player to… Continue reading

Redskins Baltimore Ravens logo jersey lettering believe Alex Smith (leg) will miss all of 2019

Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injuries previously robbed him of a total first period in Washington. It might expense him a different one in 2019. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport documented the Washington Redskins are planning as though they don’t have Anaheim Ducks DIY iron on Smith in 2019, according to sources informed with the scenario. Washington believes… Continue reading

Why Laker’s manager want Russell

After Russell traded for Anthony Davis, the Lakers were still looking for a third-largest player, after rumours that the Lakers were interested in “veteran” De Angelo Russell. Now, this incident has entered a substantive stage, the Lakers have planned to meet Russell, saying: “good horses do not eat back grass”, why the Purple and Golden… Continue reading