For the Mavericks

Today we are going to discuss two topics. One is about the best rookie lineup of this year, or who is the best rookie. This topic is about the future of Durant. Well, to judge for now, ah, I’ll try to help him to say something urgent first. Ah, we shared it with you in… Continue reading

Bucks change!

The last program talked about the bucks and the Raptors. Because the finals in the West were finished early, we mainly focused on the East, so the East talked more about the West. Well, I told you about the western region before the game. Before the final, I said, um, warriors fans, it’s very relaxed,… Continue reading

there is Hodges on the bench

What if James and Jordan swap, let’s talk about the Bulls’ first three consecutive championship lineups. In fact, this is very unfriendly for James because Pippen, the second leader of the Bulls’ lineup, is also an organizational forward. How can two strikers who need the ball right be compatible? Pippen can only go to the… Continue reading

Who will pity Durant!

The salary of Durant will be greatly reduced. Everyone is optimistic about Durant. If his Achilles tendon is torn or broken, the annual salary of 4500 million yuan is relatively small. Don’t think about it. No other player will be willing to pay Durant a huge salary to stop him. After the business injury recovery… Continue reading

We know that if we go to Los Angeles

Covering the whole five years, we’ll take a look at the second detail of the interview. The host’s second important question said, interview, Leonard, do you have anything you want to say to these teammates behind you, ah, everyone knows that your decision may win. Talking about a team’s Bank affecting the next season, right?… Continue reading

Jazz let go!

With the completion of this transaction, ah, the chain reaction will also intensify. As we have said, Rubio has two players. The destroyer will drop. One is the Suns, and the other is the Pacers. I think these two technologies are a good place to go. The contract, we don’t want to. We share it… Continue reading

The world has me!

In case. Injuries or other unexpected factors can not be guaranteed, but with a high probability, the career of these three players can be tied together. We can always see that, in a word, the warriors always remain competitive. Ah, after all, he is not injured, not after coming back in February or March. Performance,… Continue reading