On December 21, MLB Major League Baseball’s “love is great” theme public welfare activity entered Yantai SOS Children’s village, China. At the same time, Li Chun, a famous Chinese actress who plays the manager of the hit TV series “Celebrating the past years”, also visited Yantai SOS Children’s village as MLB China’s caring public welfare ambassador. While offering his love, he also waved and received the ball with the children to experience the fun of baseball.

At the event site, Qi Dong, MLB’s general manager in China, donated baseball public welfare fund and equipment to SOS Children’s village in China. Ms. Wang Qi, assistant village head of SOS Children’s village in Yantai, said: “this activity makes children very happy and happy. Baseball is a very useful sport for children’s growth. I hope there will be more opportunities to carry out such activities in children’s village in the future.”

In addition, Wang Yang, Kou Yongkang, Chinese players who signed for us professional baseball, and Anthony Bennett, coach of MLB Changzhou baseball development center, also came to the scene to teach and guide children on the spot, so that children can learn and experience pure baseball.

In fact, MLB got to know SOS as early as may this year. In the diamond cup finals of MLB playball! Youth League, MLB donated more than 80000 yuan of baseball equipment and training to China SOS Children’s Village Association in the way of public welfare home run competition. On this visit to Yantai, MLB encouraged children to learn and play baseball and enjoy the fun of baseball through the way of baseball public welfare fund. Because of the long-term investment and support for public welfare undertakings, China SOS Children’s Village Association also specially awarded MLB the “2019 outstanding social responsibility Enterprise Award” to thank MLB for its love and support for children.

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