On January 20, the Denver Nuggets temporarily led the walkers by 50-44 after half-time battle, forming the source of this situation. Both Jokic and Barton have no solution. One picture reveals the real cause, and makes the walkers feel murderous.

At the beginning of the game, Jokic forced Turner to turn around and lay the basket, and then turned to defend and attack another three-point. In positional warfare, after the teacher received the ball, he made a wonderful pass in a very narrow space. Patton made two fouls, one for each, and nuggets started 6-0. Since then, the game mode of double giant control has also been opened.

Warren 2 + 1, Barton lay up; Warren attacks again, asking the teacher to make a foul free basket; both sides attack and defend in one round, Barton’s middle distance, jokiki throws and pushes 15-9 high; the walkers chase two goals, Barton continues to shoot under the basket, throw and hit another middle distance three times, setting the score of the first quarter at 21-15.

What’s the trend of the first section? Barton scored 11 points in 5 out of 8, only 4 points less than the whole team of walkers; about 8 points more devastated by teachers, the double giant team led by 19 points and 9 rebounds, controlling the game pattern.

Note that the overall strength of nuggets is higher than that of walkers. What is the advantage? As shown in the figure above, the five starters of the main substitute connection section rest completely, but are led by the five substitutes of pramley, Porter, Dozier, Gomez and Beasley. If the substitutes output and main body strength reserve become invisible factors in the game.

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