The giants beat the Red Sox 11-3 in today’s game, which also made Bruce Bocci the 11th coach to win 2000 in MLB history.

From April 27, 1995, when he led the clergyman to the first victory of his coaching career, Bocci completed 2000 wins in 25 seasons. The 10 managers who have won 2000 have all entered the hall of fame without exception. For Boqi, who once led the San Francisco Giants in their five-year three championships (2010, 2012, 2014), it is inevitable that he will enter the hall of fame after retirement.

Boqi said before the game that he never thought about this number, which may be achieved this year. But this achievement means that I also have great support from others. I have been a coach for so long. Although I have won 2000 Games, I have lost more than 2000 Games. I have to face these two problems at the same time.

2000 wins is something I didn’t think about when I started as a coach, but looking back, it’s a huge project, and I’m very grateful that many people can trust me. “

After the game, the club and players also prepared champagne for him to celebrate, and the giants also tweeted congratulations on their upcoming retired legendary coach. As a matter of fact, Boqi has always had a good relationship with the players. Samatya, the first player of giants, said that Boqi is the coach of the players. He understands the sacrifice and tribulation of our comeback.

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