On January 22, the NBA regular season continued. Dallas Lone Ranger lost 107-110 to Los Angeles Clippers at home, and his previous four consecutive wins were ended by his opponents. Currently, he ranks fifth in the West. Compared with the loss of the game, today’s fans are more surprised by the choice of the lone ranger star Dong Qiqi at the critical moment.

24.6 seconds before the end of the game, lone ranger was 105-108 points behind the clipper at home, and the clipper made the lineball after the suspension, which was enough time and difference for lone ranger to complete the anti overtaking and overturning. As we all know, the tactics of the sideline ball is a worldwide problem. No matter in the international competition or in the NBA League, it is very easy to have accidents. The Clippers also encounter such a problem today. At the moment when the Clippers sent the ball out, lone ranger Wright finished the snatch, and lone ranger got the chance to catch up with the score or even anti super.

Wright got the ball in front of the court and got caught in the bag. He then passed it to the team’s core, Dongqi, who had no defense in front of him and Dongqi’s three-point goal was more accurate. Dongqiqi can get 29.1 points per game this season. He can hit 3 3 3-point goals per game. At the same time, he is the star of lone ranger. Combined with the above factors, the right of the ball should be in the hands of dongqiqi in this decisive moment, and Wright did the same. But dongqiqi may have his own consideration, so he didn’t make a direct shot, even if there was no defense in front of him at this time.

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