The Nashville marauders, who have been in good shape for the past two seasons in the regular season, are in a worrying situation this season, losing 4:5 penalty on Sunday night in North America to the ducklings. At present, there are 19 wins, 15 defeats and 7 overtime negatives in 41 games, with 45 points accumulated. There is a gap of 7 points between the sixth place in the central division and the third place Dallas star team, while there is a gap of 5 points between the Western foreign card ranking and the Winnipeg jet in the foreign card area. Although 82 games are only half the way for big teeth, the pressure of playoff competition has forced the top of the predators to make a decision to fire their coach, LaViolette, and his assistant, Ma Carthy, on Monday in North America.

Raviole’s departure is undoubtedly sad for the marauders. David poile, their general manager, said: “under the leadership of raviole and McCain, our team has reached an unprecedented height. We once entered the Stanley Cup final, and won a Presidential Cup and two regional Championships. This is something we’ve never had before. Their passion and energy for the game, and the spirit of all-out efforts make our decision very difficult. On behalf of our entire team, I would like to thank raviole and McCain for their dedication to the Nashville Raiders over the past five and a half years. “

Chen Xiaozhen, a 72 year old painter and retired cadre of Shanghai Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society, finished painting for 7 days Veteran close forward Vernon Davis announced his retirement