On Thursday, Titan announced that it would hire veteran assistant coach Jim Haslett as the internal guard coach, and the staff adjustment of their coaching team would be completed, instead of hiring a new defense coordinator.

Haslet, who worked as a lineman coach at the tigers from 2016 to 2018, started working in the league in 1993 and has worked in saints, Steelers, rams and Redskins. Hasrett was a saint coach in 2000-2005 and a ram acting coach in 2008.

Manager Mike Vrabel said: “adding quality managers to the coaching staff has always been a priority for me. They need to be able to guide the development of players and encourage their progress. I met Jim when I first coached the Steelman. He has the experience of head coach, defense coordinator and lineman coach It’s a pleasure to bring experienced teachers to the players

Without a formal defense coordinator, defensive tactics will continue to be dominated by Frabel.

The team also made adjustments to the following positions: Ryan crow as assistant special service coach, Matt Edwards as assistant defense coach, and Scott Booker as security coach. Before that, Anthony midget, a former Texas assistant coach, was hired as a second-line coach.

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