On February 12, the NBA regular season continued. The Clippers challenged 76 people away. Leonard was back in the game. He started together with Morris, George, zubates and luway. Beverly was absent. In the first competition, George 5, 1 in 3, Leonard 3, 1 in 3, and new aid Morris even scored 3 points. Harris got 11 points against the old owner, and also gave excellent dunks, 76 people 30-22 leading 8 points.

The last game, the Clippers new aid Morris first show to get 10 points, Leonard did not appear. In this game, the Clippers’ lineup is more complete, and Luwei continues to start. What kind of chemical reaction will young Morris and Leonard form will become a focus of the game. The 76ers also adjusted their squad, with hofford back on the bench and colkmaz starting.

In the first quarter, George’s three-point hit and embid’s strong play resulted in a foul, but it was a pity that he couldn’t make it. The Clippers didn’t make it to the attack, and enbeder made two free throws for fouls, Leonard hit two points, Simmons and Richardson hit back, Morris hit three points, and the two teams drew eight. George assists zubates with a sharp dunk, Richardson quickly returns two points, and Rooney, who started the game, is replaced in just four minutes. Hofford replaced the 2 fouled enbid and soon hit three points, followed by Harris’s three points, 76 men 16-11 to stop the Clippers.

MLB's first man, trout, has been locked in the hall of fame since he scored 7 points and only 27 years in a single game? Titan will not hire a defense coordinator after completing the coaching staff adjustment