In 2019, MLB regular season of us professional baseball is close to half, and “Mr. 400 million” Mike trout once again proves that he is the first player in the league. In today’s game, he hit three hits in six seats, two hits in a single game with a career high seven points.

In today’s just concluded Los Angeles angel away game against Toronto Bluebird, trout had a grand slam and a two-point shot in less than four innings, one man’s effort to smash Bluebird starter Aaron Sanchez. In the whole game, the angel won the game 11-6, and trout scored 7 points.

In the fourth inning, when no one was out of the game, Mike trout fired a grand slam gun. The baseball’s escape speed was 110.9 mph. In the first inning, the two-point gun’s escape speed was 111.3 mph.

This is the first time he has played multiple home runs of 110 + mph in the same game with MLB statcast tracking. In this battle, Japan also made a single performance of two hits and two hits.

After the game, trout’s attack index reached 1.113, the highest level in his career. He’s contributing to the angels day by day, and he’s half stepped into the hall of fame with the data explosion. It’s hard to imagine that he’s only 27 this year.

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