Chloe grace Moretz, a 2-year-old American actress, has become a global celebrity for her 13-year-old role in the movie “king of the sea”. Now, in addition to being the actress and the girlfriend of Xiaobei’s son Brooklyn, she has another identity as a New York Island fan. Just yesterday, Moritz gave the host team a mouthful of poisonous milk and caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

On April 12, Beijing time, the New York Islanders took their place at home in the second round match with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Before the start of the game, a reporter interviewed Moritz. When talking about the islanders team, super kill women seemed very excited: “the islanders didn’t live up to my expectations this year. It was a great and exciting game. As you can see, we have some good online players this year.

Then the reporter asked how Moritz fell in love with the islanders, and Moritz replied: “at first I supported the Los Angeles king, and then I had to leave Los Angeles to make movies elsewhere. I like ice hockey, so I’ve seen games on many courts. I found that the island talent is my favorite, because the atmosphere of the team is very dry, the fans are great, and the spirit of the team is in line with me. Before they moved out of the Barclays centre, I watched five or six games at the old stadium. Since then, I have become a huge fan of the islanders. You know, it’s great to see players in the dressing room and watch them grow. “

Moritz has been on the cover of the famous film media variety and is regarded as the most influential new generation Hollywood actor. After being popular for a while, she was amazed by the movie Hugo, and she was on her way to Hollywood movie heroine. In 2014, Moritz fell in love with Brooklyn, David Beckham’s son-in-law, but in recent years, they have been in the state of opening and closing, and they have also watched the game together.

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