Last quarter review

It’s not easy to stay competitive for a long time in the dangerous east area of the United States. Before the start of the season, the bluebirds, who were dreaming of competing for the second wild card of the United States, were soon brought back to reality by a nightmare start. The whole team suffered from injuries and was in a long-term downturn. The top management of the team could only accept the fact that Bluebird was heading for reconstruction. Josh Donaldson, who was also the MVP of the United States three years ago, was also sold at a low price before the trade deadline. John gibbons, who is deeply loved by players and fans, is reluctant to go through reconstruction with the team. After the team’s last regular season home game, he confirmed that he would break up peacefully with the bluebirds and would not return to the new season.

Important transfer in and transfer out during off-season

Transfer out: Marco Estrada, Taylor clipped, jangwis solarte, aledemis Diaz, Troy Troy trovitsky, Russell Martin

Transfer in: Trent Thornton, Elvis Luciano, Matt huemec, Clayton Richard, David Phelps, Freddie galvis, John Axford, bud Norris, Corey barkholz

The second capital of maple leaf in the east of the island Shen Shengqiu, Professor of Yangmei, is a strong and rhythmic human body oil painting