Shaq beat the lightning this week, and Shaq, in excellent condition, came to the fourth place in the battle table. The Islander goalkeeper Robin Lena continued his amazing performance, helping the team rise to the top of the division. Maple leaf’s record is not good because of the goalkeeper’s injury, and nilander has not been able to deliver the ideal report card, and maple leaf continues to decline in the strength list.

I don’t want to talk much about it. Let’s look at the 15th week’s NHL strength chart.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning

Weekly record: 2-1-0

Total achievements: 37-10-2

Last week’s strength: 1

This week, lightning held a strong dialogue with the visiting sharks at home. Although the sharks once equaled the difference between two goals, lightning still played steadily, scoring four goals in a row, winning the game 6-3, avenging the previous bitter defeat away from home. Although this season lightning performance is very good, but the team has a relatively big hidden danger, lightning in the first quarter of this season dropped as high as 56 goals, second only to the league’s bottom record black hawk, if the early drop in the key game will make the team into a passive. There is also an interesting data, the entire lightning team players have not won the NHL championship, if this season can finally win the championship, lightning will become the first team since the 88-89 season, no player in the team won the Stanley Cup but finally won the championship.

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