On January 15, the Anaheim ducklings, who suffered the longest 11 consecutive defeats in the team’s history, made a deal with the Dallas Stars. The two forwards of the two teams exchanged their hosts, Andrew colliano, for the stars, and Devon Shaw came to the ducklings.

There are many similarities between the two sides of the deal: they are the weak strikers in the team in poor condition.

Coliano, 31, is the Edmonton oilman’s 25th show in 2005, and duckling traded him from the oilman with a second round on July 13, 2011. Coliano scored 233 points (102 goals and 131 assists) in his eight seasons with the duckling, but only 11 points (3 goals and 8 assists) in 46 games this season.

Duckling general manager Bob Murray thanked coliano for his seven-and-a-half years in the team, but admitted that his limitations on the offensive side were a problem. In fact, this is the epitome of duckling’s problems. They scored 109 goals this season, the second lowest in the league, and were beaten 40-19 by their opponents during the 11 consecutive defeats. He said the reason for the deal was simple:

“Obviously we want a younger player, but we also want that person to be more creative because we have a big problem on the offensive side.” “It may not be fair for coliano personally, but the problem is not him, it’s just that we can make a deal,” Murray said in an interview. We want to be better because it’s not good enough. “

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