The Rockets have had a good run in recent times, winning six straight games before meeting the Knicks. The “five small systems” created by D’Antoni also have preliminary results. New aid Covington and Jeff Green soon joined in. Covington got 21 seals in six games, and Green’s three points also pulled out attack space for Hardon and Wes. With the team’s overall development, the continued downturn of rockets veteran Gordon has also attracted attention.

As the sixth man of the Rockets, after the coach changed to play small ball system, the data is getting worse and worse. In the past five games, the average score is only 9.2, the three-point shooting rate is only 26.9%, and the overall shooting rate is only 36.5%. This decline makes Rocket fans inexplicably familiar with the feeling that Hardon was in love with Kardashian at the beginning.

Of course, Gordon’s data decline is also traceable. After D’Antoni created the “five small systems”, Covington replaced Capella to occupy the starting position. House also became the starting small forward. In addition, Green’s playing time as a role player is also increasing because of his outstanding performance. Mcclermo is the front line of normal rotation. If someone’s playing time increases, someone’s playing time will decrease.

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