The first battle of ALDS, Houston astronaut vs. New York Yankees will begin tomorrow morning at 8:00. Younger brother, when I watched several live broadcasts recently, I observed the discussion room and found that many fans expressed their opinion that the Yankees’ violent line-up felt particularly strong and won a lot. But is that really the case?

Don’t forget that baseball is a sport that is constantly accumulating and analyzing statistical big data, and then making adjustments and predictions according to the analysis. In other words, the use of statistical data to achieve a more efficient and accurate outcome valuation is also worth considering, but also a more scientific prediction method. Instead of just feeling the astronauts vs. the Yankees, who has the advantage?

So I took a screenshot from the website of to provide the attack and defense data of astronauts and Yankees in this year’s regular game as the basis for judging who is better or worse before the two armies fight. At the same time, it also enables the fans of both teams to enjoy the game and refer to these data, so as to get more pleasure and expectation (the large number of probability used in baseball games is actually the psychological expectation of our human beings for whether something will happen, right?)

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