Advertising marketing refers to the activities that enterprises carry out publicity and promotion of products through advertising, promote the direct purchase of consumers, expand the sales of products, and improve the popularity, reputation and influence of enterprises.

With the rapid development of economic globalization and market economy, advertising marketing activities play a more and more important role in enterprise marketing strategy, which is an important part of enterprise marketing mix.

Advertising marketing is a complete set of marketing plan which is developed by the help of marketing planners. Advertising marketing is not only limited to network marketing, but also more applied to traditional marketing. Network advertising marketing can maximize the communication to the audience with the help of network marketing, and it is also more accurate. Network advertising marketing needs the help of advertisers The network platform invests the advertisement to the target customer, “creativity” is the most important tool to grasp the user’s eyeball, and the creative advertisement marketing planned by making full use of the consumers’ eyeball benefit can make their advertisement stand out from the mass of commodity information and catch the audience’s eyeball.

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