First of all, it must be geographical factors. Canada’s winter is cold and long. There are conditions for the development of ice hockey. Otherwise, it’s hot and cold in winter. It’s a long-term experience. The world’s popular ice hockey area is also Russia, northern Europe, Canada, these high latitude areas, China’s word is the northeast. (who told you that ice hockey is not popular in Russia? The enthusiasm of Russian fans for ice hockey is not as strong as that of Canada.) Secondly, in the beginning, Duke Stanley played a very important role. We all know that the highest honor of ice hockey is the Stanley Cup, which is donated by the Duke of Stanley. The Duke himself was very addicted to ice hockey, and he was the governor of Canada at that time. Maybe he was just like a big fan of football Last but not least, ice hockey has always been combined with the national mood and cultural identity of Canada. Ice hockey is a common national memory for Canada and an important part of building national identity and pride. If you look at the history of Canada, you can see that many historical events are related to ice hockey.

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