I have seen some information, and I have also seen rugby games in the United States, and I have communicated with my peers, and I have collected the knowledge of rugby from Americans in different industries. Rugby is developed on the basis of rugby football from England, among which the schools that contribute the most to the development of rugby can be said to be thunderous, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. comparatively speaking, basketball is a typical grassroots sport, because Springfield can only be regarded as a third-class school! Therefore, football is more like the favorite of the middle class in the United States. Basketball is relatively more popular. Although baseball has developed earlier, football has played an obvious role as the founder of American culture since its birth. Its designers fully consider its impact on teenagers and its development in the next few decades.

Therefore, in the early days of rugby development, Harvard built 40000 Harvard stadiums, and then Yale built nearly 80000 stadiums, obviously with the nature of a hundred years of cultivation! Subsequently, many American colleges and universities have built huge stadiums, many of which have been used up to now, and become an important witness in the history of American education and culture.

Every year these stadiums host rugby and other games. It is worth noting that these games will be basically full, even if there are more than 100000 large stadiums, which has become the most unique social phenomenon in the United States. Before the competition, tens of thousands of people gathered together, regardless of color, age, wealth, and standing to watch the national flag and sing the national anthem, which is of great social significance to a big immigrant country like the United States.

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