A good brand in advertisement marketing generally has a set of mature marketing methods, which can help consumers to discuss through creating topical content

On and sharing. If you can let users remember a brand in a short time, it will prove that your marketing has been half successful.

For example, we used a case in the past to do vivisection for you. The client is “Three Dads”, not three dads

Dad, the brand name is “Three Dads“.

Maybe some students in Beijing have seen that three dads have put a round of advertisements in the elevators of the residential area and office building. The advertising creativity is very strange

PA, what the copywriter wrote is: my father, with three dads.

My father, do you think it’s hot eyes? Can’t stepfather and Godfather buy this product? – an air purifier

What’s the matter with your biological father? Aren’t you a typical moral kidnapping? It’s really not.

Let’s restore the whole scene of the crime.

Three dads are Internet start-up brands, specializing in air purifiers.

In the past, I thought the air purifier didn’t need to be popularized, because it is a typical industry enjoying food by nature. Haze – explosion of watch, the manufacturer

Burst warehouse. But in fact, it is a super Red Sea market with fierce competition. Specific to “Three Dads”, the main price is 5000 yuan

It’s very uncomfortable.

Why hasn't NBA players been nicknamed or famous in the United States in the last 10 years? How popular is American football in the United States?