First of all, there must be a nickname for the new generation of players in the United States, but it has not been widely spread in China. Why can’t most of these nicknames spread widely in China? One of the reasons is that a lot of nicknames are the variation or homophony of names. It is difficult to translate them in a faithful and elegant way, and many nicknames are far from the image of players, so they are difficult to spread in China.

Such as chef Curie / chef curry Curry, curry means curry at the same time. It’s pun, but no one will associate curry with the chef. Jokic and Joker are very close, but the appearance of Mr. Joker is not related to the clown. Damian Lillard is close to the pronunciation of Dame, but it’s hard to associate the ruthless guidance and the noble baroness. The positive example is tarantula. The nickname was very popular, because Durant and durantula are very similar on the one hand, and Durant’s slender limbs are very similar to tarantula on the other.

Part of the reason is that their nickname comes from a culture we are not familiar with. Mitchell has long limbs and short trunk, which is similar to black spider man miles Morales. So it is named Spider man. Oladibo has always been a black superhero, black leopard. Mario hezonia likes Super Nintendo Mario. In addition to movies and games, more came from music. The nickname of little Jordan’s de Andre 3000 came from singer Andre 3000, the nickname of McKee’s Pierre came from his rap name, and the boogie of Corzine came from a kind of dance. If these nicknames don’t know the relevant films and music culture, it’s hard to be impressed by these nicknames.

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