The day before yesterday, someone asked, can you brain fill, in the case of salary cap restrictions, to a superstar as the core team building, how to match the lineup? It’s interesting. The highlight is that he put forward the salary cap restriction, which is much closer to reality than the game of giving players 1-5 yuan to choose the ideal team. But when we started, we found that we need to limit a few more conditions to make the brain hole more reliable. After all, if I want to build a team with Curie as the core, then another star in charge may be James, who can organize at the top of the arc, act as a cover and play fast break. But the next question is, who is the core of the formation of such two players? Who are the other role players going to match around? When I write the sub proposition of team building with James as the core, I will choose Kuri as the other leader, and the answers of the two sub propositions will become exactly the same.

First, since the team is built with a pair of superstars as the core, do you want to make the three giants? Some people may want to see the big three model, think about it and stimulate it. Some people think that it’s more fun to match two cores with high-quality supporting roles. My idea is – can group, but don’t group too abnormal. After all, we are choosing people under the restriction of salary cap. The three giant model is almost equal to three top salaries + n bottom salaries. The only suspense is the third candidate outside the dual core. It’s a bit simple and brainless. At least we need to limit the level of the third giant, let the dual core + supporting role, or let the three giant start, there is some room for hesitation.

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