Recently, MLB played a role of “class representative” on its official microblog, giving a popular explanation of the basic rules of baseball, and the obscure rules and regulations were instantly clear.

In a baseball game, there are two teams fighting each other. Each team has nine players. The two teams take turns to play the offensive and defensive sides. The attackers usually send a player to play to prepare for the “swing“, as the batter, and the re st of the players stand aside, take the number card to play, and prepare to play forward one by one.

Nine players from the defenders came on at the same time, one as pitcher and the other eight as players. The attacking and defending sides rotate into one game. Each baseball game has nine games. Whoever scores more after playing will win.

The baseball field is a right angle sector. The outside area of the right angle side is the outside area. The area with a large area of grassland is called the outside area, and the red area is called the inside area.

There is a home run Wall in the outfield. Although it is a wall, it is not the boundary of the court. Theoretically, the whole court is infinitely extended, and there are four bases in the infield. Counter clockwise, first base, second base, third base and home base.

In terms of scoring rules, the attacking batter should hit the ball as far as possible. Then the batter needs to drop the bat and start running. If the batter can run through first, second and third bases in turn and finally return to home base, he can get one point.

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