The New England Patriots failed to defend their title in the Super Bowl finals in 2018. People are most concerned about where their star quarterback Brady will go. Brady, 40, has personally confirmed that he will continue to fight in 2018.

In the second half of Brady’s organization, the Patriot team, which was 10 points behind in the half, had achieved anti super in the fourth quarter of this year’s Super Bowl. Unfortunately, Brady made a fatal ball drop, the Patriot team finally regretted the defeat, and Brady was not able to win the sixth super bowl. Now that Brady is over 40, his whereabouts have become the focus of everyone’s attention.

In an interview recently, Brady made it clear that he had no plans to retire. He said: “yes, you can expect to see me next season. I didn’t think about stopping playing.”

Brady’s contract with the Patriots goes back to 2019. Even at 40, he is still at a high level. Last week, he was elected the most valuable player in the NFL. For the Patriots, Brady and manager berricek are the cornerstone of the team, and their presence means that the team can remain competitive.

“Why do everyone think I’m retired? I also enjoyed the game and the team did well. I know I’m a little older than most people, but I really enjoy playing, so I don’t think about retiring at all. ” Brady said.

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