Today, there is no match for the second game, and this is not the end. The fourth class of the game has just begun. The missile team has set up a 97-90 lead of seven points. I don’t know what kind of play I’m going to play. Anyway, I told you that we can only see the last. After the game is what the result is, ah, the process in the middle can be ignored, this, mainly to say that Hadden Hadden in the last five games did not mean that he scored, his shots basically reduced by 30% or even more than usual. We can observe it now. In the fourth quarter, when he started, he got six points, three points and four shots. In these five games, harden’s three-point shot was very poor. Each game, he threw one, two, two Westbrook. The leading leader, Westbrook, is now leading harden.

It’s a bit of a problem with the ball. Ah, it’s not that there’s something wrong with the missile pair. It’s right. I always feel that there’s been infighting between this pair and that, or whether there’s a discord between Westbrook and ha, den. Is there such a conflict? Maybe Hadden has a ball, and has made 18 three-point shots. If I remember correctly, it’s 17 or. He hit one 17 and shot one, starting from this game. In the last game, he identified six three points. According to his habit, it is impossible to make so few shots. Today, after three points and three quarters, I only shot four fingers, I believe. But yes, there must be internal problems. Let’s see if there will be more information coming out later. Then whether it is Hadden and Wesley who have different opinions on the team’s construction and route.

James has reached his career Icelandic team