As I said before, a player like James has reached his career. You can see that when he reaches his career, he will never be able to run at the box office. Why, four words are always at the top. He is always at the top. He has a huge number of fans and many fans are lying down. Right? If you’re tired of standing, just watch James. If you’re tired of your concert, you’ll lie down now. He won’t get up, right? He’ll sit on a stool. Most of them are standing. Well, if you want to turn over James James, just give a command and then tweet again today, right? Today, I’ll send a 14 national twitter. Well, thank you, fans. After the vote, thank the fans. He doesn’t need to draw votes. But when it comes to it, it really feels that my position is in danger. When it comes, it lifts its arms and fans’ friends stand up. All the writers on the ground stand up. They are officials and come in when they have time. That’s all. Another example is that Caruso’s total vote can be higher than curry and Wei. Don’t tell me how influential he is, right? He doesn’t need to talk because of his wordiness. There are so many James fans who can pull Caruso’s vote to less than Wei and more weishao, but we can also say.

There are a lot of fans, there are really many. He can also get more than 100000 tickets without playing and 800000 votes, right? Don’t say he did. If he played, he would charge two or three million. I think it’s no problem. But Wei Shao’s football Mini shows that there are less than 800000 votes, right? They are relatively few, but these people are very loyal. He is very loyal to the votes of the fans at this time. He is very loyal. You don’t have any good results, and there are so many votes. These tickets are all real votes. Ah, they are all true votes. They are not fans. So you always keep your heart. Months of high performance, high ability, high data, high influence and high attention are very, very, very difficult. Ah, after a long time, you will understand that it is wrong for you to give me a copy

Several foreign media: former Juve defender caserez confirmed the new crown there is no match for the second game