Unlike bosh, he said that I don’t like to play five, lof I don’t like playing five, I just like typing, generally speaking, the inside players don’t like to hit me. In the position of guard, if both four and five can be taken into consideration, ah, I think so, because playing five guard is too tired. If you don’t have absolute weight advantage and height advantage, you will be very tired. We will talk about a core content later, that is, improving physical fitness is the only way Anthony Davis is hit. If you leave me a message about physical fitness, I think it’s half said. Ah, it’s consistent with my understanding. Of course, I always think that what I think is correct. I think it’s big.

Well, let’s go on, the above program awards, then I think it should be divided into regular season and playoffs. There are two major premises to discuss this issue. Then I think it is more reasonable to combine the back basket and the basket under the premise of the regular season. This whole regular season time span is very long, faces the opponent to have many, ever-changing

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