I think we can think about it, we can imagine it, we can think about it, but ah, but we have to say, the western type. The environment and the pattern are very complicated. It is not so simple. If you are lucky, well, under the circumstances, ah, if you don’t meet XX and whether the Lakers can reach the finals, it’s OK. Ah, I think it’s OK. This team has this characteristic, but if it’s not lucky, it doesn’t have home court advantage, right? It’s the process. I don’t think it’s realistic for him to pass the Lakers again. Ah, there’s no team’s overall strength. Ah, this can be flat one or two, right? Avoid ironing XX and lying flat with the Lakers. These two teams are also championship teams. The second problem is after Paul George comes back.

Well, can the Clippers’ defense be promoted to the championship level? Well, I don’t think it’s the championship level, the Western championship level or the western finals level, but it can be. But there must be Paul George and Leonard’s ability to block the outside line. What’s more, Beverly Beverly’s main problem is dancing. Please he is a neuropathy player, right? Plus inside there is Khalil. He has an advantage in playing little brother. It is indeed very advantageous. We need to know that the essence of playing five small teams of death is where the essence of it is. What kind of players can you play in a small line-up when you reach the death of five.

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Celtic are of the same level There are two major premises to discuss this issue