The heat are very strong, ah, the Bucks, how many of these unbearable, right? Last year’s League, champion, the heat have been unable to beat it. That’s the truth.

There is no change in the nature of the structure of the vice team. From the outside world, there is less. Minotti, Qi ah, Xiao Rou’s songs all played for you in last year’s finals and last year’s playoffs. Then, tribal Gordon also didn’t play in the first half and the first half, so the first round and the second round played very well, right. In other words, there was no essential change in his team, but you have to know that it is because of the lack of Brooklyn, because of the lack of millotic, ah, the tactical core point of this kind. That’s enough. It’s hard to say that it’s OK. Now there are some problems, ah, some, problems with the team. At present, in my judgment, if he and Celtic are of the same level, you don’t have to look at the fetal details. It’s very bad, right? You can see that the car is driving, and the discount is very good. The color is right, I’m more stable, ah, the last ball, the first game of Hayward has, burst ah, you can play to the last two games, how about ah, we said also asked you not to put great hope, Hayward this player, ah, is the middle of the season is likely to be bound

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When the purple gold army met red and Blue Superman! XX out!