We’re looking forward to this direction as I said. Maybe, ah, you may think I’m lucky, right? Let’s have unlimited good luck. Let’s talk about Howard.

This problem, we say that Howard joining the Laker team is also an opportunity for Howard. For the Laker team, it may not be a good thing. If it is used well, then it will be good. If it is used badly, the ability of calling Howard, a player who has played for more than 20 minutes, will be replaced by the camp or he will play a new major pattern. There’s no problem in playing a fake first mover. The only problem is Howard’s personality problem. Ah, he thinks highly of himself. Right, No.1 scholar comes from the top of the world. Ah, he is sought after and loved by the league. But for so many years, he has been wandering and wandering. Having tasted the NBA’s bitterness, coldness and warmth, so for Howard, the most important thing now is to adjust his own mentality. The mentality is very important. In the Laker team, now full of talent, it must be a role. The greater help provided by the euro zone to the team is that there is no shot, no right, and no right to the ball. Well, only by straightening out his attitude can we provide the team with the greatest help. Howard’s goal is also very clear, that is, to fight for a championship.

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