This Celtic team, its gene is defense. The strength of his defense also reflects the weakness of its attack. Then, the only player in this team is Owen, who has scoring stability and explosive ability. None of them was last season, but the situation changed. After playing for a season, with the completion of the player’s injury, hayod. Right? Well, as well as Jerome brontatum, especially Tatum, who has experienced a new season, I believe that although I don’t make any progress, I think there will be a slight improvement. Then Hayward can also go from 11 points per game to 12-3 points in Changqing. You can get close to the scene of adding or adding 21. Ah, kenbarwalker is the same with Walker When I came to Celtic team, although I think, ah, the ability is not as good as Owen, but the possible effect is similar to that of the European Union, because the effect of open in Celtic team is indeed.

From the basketball level, from the level of internal relations on this level did not play a good effect, then, the war record ah also gave ah, this corresponding set off, reached the eastern semi-finals will lose this bucks this. Under the leather, ah, we can also see that last year’s season was a failure for Celtic team. Now, with Kanter’s joining, the whole Celtic team’s attack firepower, on-site overall attack firepower, good defense also has the original gene, ah, this team is even more. In, balance, we know, a balanced team, ah, offensive and defensive balance is more terrible, because his weaknesses are less, attack weaknesses are less, defense is less, weak ground is also less, so you have no good way to target her, only rely on the strength of the overall strength can destroy the Celtic team, so. I personally think that’s what I think of the Celtic team, ah, so last year. So last year, so from 19 to 0.19 to 203019-20, even if the Celtic team played in the eastern finals, I don’t think it’s surprising. I think it’s a normal thing to do for the bucks.

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