In case. Injuries or other unexpected factors can not be guaranteed, but with a high probability, the career of these three players can be tied together. We can always see that, in a word, the warriors always remain competitive. Ah, after all, he is not injured, not after coming back in February or March. Performance, good, performance, excellent are all like this, the warriors have played the playoffs, ah, play the playoffs, it is still very worth looking forward to, because Durant’s contract is off, then it will throw out more than 40 million salary space, the 40 million warriors can do other things, the shackles are lifted.

If you can make a big show, then you don’t have to wait for a year and a half. Next year, you can directly compete in the western finals. If you are lucky, you can also play the finals. There is no problem. The situation has changed so greatly that I am astonished. Now it depends on the Rockets. I believe you can see clearly that this is not right. You have to be young, Thomson. It’s hard to say that this player is an iron man. He’s not. His physical quality is very excellent. Well, nursing. Half a season. Half a season. Half a season. Half a season. Curry green. I believe isolation should be more. Pay because it’s called this big contract. Currigreen has worked hard for half a season. It’s full of blood, paid for snow and returned. There are more than 30 million and 40 million of Durant, the rising one, and the introduction of some powerful ones. The veteran has brought in some powerful players. These two teams are still quite competitive in the playoffs in the Western Conference. The rockets and the Los Angeles team have to, hold on, and really have to catch a few, especially the Rockets. Now it seems that the Rockets are the most backward, right? The Lakers have to answer questions. I have no possibility

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Paul George is a wrong demonstration The Clippers are mighty!