You can get it right first. Now, there is no media, no fan group in the outside world that recognizes this matter or thinks Leonard will join the Laker team. But I think, ah, since Leonard said he would go to Lushan. Don’t take out Paul George. Paul George is a wrong demonstration. Ah, he has also paid a painful price. Ah, you can ask Paul George’s heart now. I believe it must be mixed feelings and complicated. There is a big probability that he will join the Laker team. One of the best choices, as for what and why, we won’t say. If Leonard, ah, leads to the Lakers to form a big three, then in the west, it is invincible. There is no competitor Durant left in the thunder. It’s also because of his injury problem. Other teams hold a conservative or skeptical attitude towards Durant’s injury, so whether she will go to New York or not to the net should not be discussed,

I personally don’t think Owen has such influence and can influence Durant. It’s also a great probability for the warriors to stay with Durant and Thomson. Durant Thomson, including curry, will stay in the team at the same time. Igdala must be. There is no contract in Livingston. Is there a middle class or not? In addition, the value of the contract should be calculated. Whether green can be covered depends on whether Durant is a contract of 1000 plus 4 or directly given to top star. This is to be calculated.

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