With the completion of this transaction, ah, the chain reaction will also intensify. As we have said, Rubio has two players. The destroyer will drop. One is the Suns, and the other is the Pacers. I think these two technologies are a good place to go.

The contract, we don’t want to. We share it with you in the group. Basically, according to our judgment, N on BH AB, contracts over three years, more than 10 million contracts, 13 million to 15 million, almost 45 million, which is not higher than this price. I think it is one. So, joining the Suns, the Suns know a cliche about us. I believe you also know that the main problem now is his point guard. Then Rubio can solve certain problems, right? The second technology? Now it’s revealed that he is a pacer. I personally think it’s very normal and it’s also a problem. It’s reasonable and reasonable. Why? Because the Pacers, the team, have played so far. Ah, but there is another difference between him and the jazz. His problem is more complicated than the Jazz team, but in the eastern environment. Because Rubio, basically, can solve the problem. Now the main thing is to liberate, ah, oladibo, ah, with Rubio, his organizational ability, revitalize the whole team, er Pacers, the team, if not, there are still two points of oladilbo and Bogdanovic.

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We know that if we go to Los Angeles Paul George is a wrong demonstration