Covering the whole five years, we’ll take a look at the second detail of the interview. The host’s second important question said, interview, Leonard, do you have anything you want to say to these teammates behind you, ah, everyone knows that your decision may win. Talking about a team’s Bank affecting the next season, right? Everyone is waiting for you. Ah, Wuye goes without saying, that is to say, do you want to make a statement now and be willing to renew the contract of the Raptors. The leader of the Raptors has also made it clear that ah, I just want to celebrate later things and wait until the celebration is over. Unlike Paul George, Paul George is already a man of temperament, right? At the ball and at the party, it was announced that the thunder team would be left behind. Therefore, a large number of people had to make a wrong prediction for Li Yang. Don’t think Leonard is a dance without brain. People who don’t know their own life, on the contrary, they are very clear that their own life is also accurate positioning ah, all given to 100% trust him, I think it is very correct to let, professional agents do, his job, his urgent notice is the players, you just need to be responsible for playing well.

Yes, let them do all the other things. Of course, we also want to say that staying in raptors is not impossible or impossible, but you have to consider many practical problems. If you have a five-year contract, you have to stay. A five-year contract has a five-year life. How many five years, in addition to their own career, what kind of added value can the Raptors give leadership? We know that if we go to Los Angeles, or even to New York, to the clippers and to the Lakers, it is a kind of value-added improvement. Yes, shake really is, shake, it is a quantitative change, so these issues should be taken into account. So what is left behind in a certain, ah, with honor, with trust, with the love of fans, this is no problem, then go, other teams will not, it will also have, but the problem of more and less, in, the Raptors to the overseas cities to leave home, a lot of intangible cost of living

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Who will pity Durant! Jazz let go!