Today’s game is a blazer, a panda on the Raptors. Before we say it, let’s talk about some tidbit news. It is reported in a timely manner. At present, there are rumors about the transfer of some players coming from mobile phones. Let’s make a timely analysis. Some netizens asked us whether it is possible for us to do so now. But now whether it is possible to renew the contract in advance, we said, ah, possible, ah, well, whether you meet the conditions now, what do you mean.

On the other hand, the labor terms of the labor agreement of Nb are very complicated. We can only grasp one of them. I have been saying in the program that these editors in China have no ability to read or speculate. They eat a lot. We can understand it, including some fans who asked us if we could sign and then change the one we talked about. I said that there are no reports coming out now, so we don’t think he can be OK. This thing is very annoying. Then there are luxury taxes on both sides. Ah, if you pay the super luxury tax or not, the annual labor agreement is not the same. Secretly I will revise it for a while and do this for a while. You can’t keep up with his speed. You can understand the general situation. The Laker fans don’t have this consciousness. The Byrd clause for replacing Leonard before the fourth is the form of individual exchange. You should have this awareness. Anthony Davis, the teacher is thinking now, is not the first choice. Ah, this is the third choice. Now boss Tihu has come out to refute the rumors.

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