Magic Johnson, we should learn from Molly. We can’t even exchange Anthony Davis for so many young players. We have to send four. We say we can give four to four, right? Pay attention. Next, Ingram, and pants? It’s so difficult, Celtic team a Tatum add point to the first round of signing, for Anthony Davis, it will be a white wait for a year, half a year is still not clear whether Owen will renew his contract or not. I can be very responsible to tell you, if Owen does not renew his contract, Celtic will get it.

Davis is meaningless to promote, because there is no competition in the eastern environment. The 76ers now, ah, really have to fight with you. The structure of the bucks is very complete. The structure of the bucks is very complete. If he can win the first place in the East this year, it will not be bad next year. I think the record is also very good. The Bucks have nothing to do now. When he doesn’t move, the Bucks have nothing to do now. They will fight to the first raptors in the East. We, yes, don’t talk about it. After Leonard left, ah, it became the reconstruction structure. The Raptors don’t want to talk about it. So the Celtics will be very difficult, very difficult to be in the Northeast in the future.

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