What can I say about this deal? Well, there are some netizens who say that they will not deal with the latest transaction. Er, this will not be more serious. Davis will go to the western team and so on. I just don’t want to add that. After the strength of Western teams is created, it’s almost difficult. Beat me, I think this kind of consideration is redundant, er, very few teams will say, today, the league, trap the current league, and very few teams will say, stipulate to trade the team to the East.

I can’t stay in the West because I’m a western team. Ah, this kind of spy feeling doesn’t conform to the trend of the times. Now it’s the most important chip in business. I’ll give it to anyone who gives more, right? Because if you don’t give it to others, it’s a very normal thing. As for the Spurs. There are many chips, ah, several Ingram, Fu, Si, he doesn’t have to send this poor to the Raptors. You have to look at this problem, ah, if you want to think through it and analyze it slowly, it is also very simple. We have done it before. The Spurs, in July and August this summer, said this thing every year. Let’s go back to the old things. What problems does the Spurs consider? In fact, if you want to observe the code word, this transaction, I lead, must be sent to the Raptors. It is drozandrodzan who has received a contract of nearly 30 million yuan with a contract of 28 million yuan. It’s an equivalent deal with Leonard and Denny and green. Ah, then Liang Na’s contract will expire, and the isolated contract will also expire, and lyonnard will definitely not renew his contract with the Spurs

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