Curie hit him is not, coincidentally, ah, I think very stupid, this kind of fan with this idea I think is very stupid, ah, Nb floating outside to cast a very normal thing, Kao, sin, Si, today also cast three points, is it proof.

Normally, it’s not at all. So you see, the NBA Rockets don’t have this step at this time. I’m playing inside and outside. Right? The other side has a just center. I’m not playing. It’s not right. Kossing is moving slowly. At the beginning of a big injury, he’s healing. Right? My uncle’s playing with the skills of outside players is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with today’s, um, Peter’s shooting rate is low, and causing’s shooting rate is also low. Ten kinds, sauna ah, give him ten shots, 20 weight six cases, it’s lower than Corzine’s ah, this is not a thing, it’s not a thing, it’s not a win or lose the game in the case of 20 kinds of six. Find it back? Today if not, Kuri ah, the 10 three-point will give enough shooting rights to Kuri, on the right. Without Kuri, today, ah, the warriors lost even more miserably, and KULI dragged the game alone, that is, his heart was too tired and his heart was too tired. Well, so I don’t think it’s meaningful to make excuses for kausins and other things. I don’t think it’s meaningful. I don’t have the right to make a move in the warriors. It’s his own choice. It’s the way that koshins chooses. He’s not in a loud voice. He’s an excuse.

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