Celtic team Owen and Anthony Davies can not coexist, Ross, the clause said that things a few days ago have already clarified the facts, right? Owen, there is a rose clause, do you have? Do not discuss, let alone the problem of non coexistence, now it is not rose clause to offset. Right? I don’t read books, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t care about the NBA, I don’t care about the current affairs and politics. This is a big blind hukou. Our first judgment on this matter is Ross Owen. We don’t discuss the problems at the bottom of it. We have the Ross clause for five years, right.

This big contract can exceed 100 million in five years. At that time, there were not many contracts, and there were only a few people. Of course, we talked about these veteran generals with enough years, right? Besides, now, 100 million contracts are nothing. Now we are looking at the grain contracts, right? Over 200 million contracts.

New York Mets logo iron on letter number ; MLB logo iron on patch

Laker team after this season Peyton hanged the leader of Joe!