Hello, welcome to my article, NBA so today my WeChat official account is written on the topic of the third match between the rockets and the Lakers, without James’s three big caps. Can the Lakers win, Lakers and rockets?

In the first half, he thought about the regular season, and in the second half, he guessed the playoffs. The biggest sign was James’s three big shots in the third quarter, which not only proved that the Lakers entered the playoffs, but also completely changed the momentum on the field. Compared with a game, it was equivalent to the follow-up trend of xiaotianwangshan in the series.

The Rockets are tenacious from the beginning to the end, but the Lakers were two teams in the first half and the second half. It was not until the third quarter that the Lakers made the biggest adjustment of the game. The defense suddenly went up, and the intensity was then played. The real characteristics of the second half of the game summed up by the key of the Lakers is this.

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