This is in the six minutes, inside the steals three times, why was cut twice, Hadden’s advantage of a freighter rapidly expanded to 16 points, in the Laker hit the climax, they played a variety of small, rotation lineup ah, you see this, what kind of James, the next game is center.

It’s OK. Power forward, No. 3 Popper guard. Greenrondo plays for a while. Green goes to carluso. Davis takes center Maurice and turns it into pants. No. 3 James carruso plays outside with Rondo. Look at his pants here. He doesn’t play two as he did in the last game.

On the outside, harden is one-on-one with Gordon, so he is too tall. We wrote a special article about this last time. Many people joked that fast fleet, little Morris, emergency reinforcements, and the Lakers shaved their brother. In fact, big Morris did play. After he arrived at the Laker team, he was a good one. 14 points out of 16 points in the game came from 。

Save enough for the Lakers. The savings can be squandered in the third quarter. Otherwise, ah, the Rockets have a three-point rain, and the Lakers have been taken away. However, no matter how good the offense is, it’s based on the right defense. Do you have to wait for green to recover one-on-one magic power? It’s better to change the method, so the Lakers increased a lot in the first quarter.

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McGrady could have taken the championship The third game between the rockets and the Lakers