Owen, Durant and Durant will become, perhaps, the strongest three giants in the modern NBA. It is also said that the nets or the Rockets want Owen to think that I can’t let you give me three young, immature players and give you my MP.

But if you want to give me a decent chip, you can give Owen to me. The nets may think that the asking price is too much. Therefore, I think this rumor is not groundless. It must be discussed between the two sides. But I think the reason why it has not happened in a week is that the two sides are in the final.

There is no agreement on the details of the plan. Yes, as far as the nets are concerned, if we can get Hadden, no matter what way, you just said two ways. One is to trade Owen, which should be a deal with other young players. If I can get Hadden, I think I will have no brain to change if I am in contact with each other. I have heard a lot recently.

This news, a lot of people will say that Hardon Durant and Owen require them to play together. In my opinion, if you can find the top hot player in this league, I don’t think I will consider the suitable one, just put us top players together.

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