Yeah, one of the biggest things I wrote about was that he was very popular. I remember that I was very impressed because I was a fan of Nowitzki. Then I was a very good friend with Nowitzki in the early years of his career. In fact, Hyundai is also one of the best friends off the field, and they can say that they also enter at the same time, er, about the same time Alliance.

At the same time, in 1996 and 1998, he grew up in the league and played for the Mavericks. At that time, as a foreign player, Nowitzki came from Europe. When he came to the United States, he was not familiar with his hometown. He was a boy of a relatively introverted year, but at that time, he belonged to international players, but he had partners everywhere.

But Nowitzki also said that I was in the first aid with Ashe because he could get to know each other when he played away in any city. Friends, after each game, he could take me to drink with different people. I mixed up with him and got into the League circle. It could be said that when it was a player, he was already in the same place, but now I feel like passing through.

After many years of polishing, I think his handling of interpersonal relationship should be very unique. Ah, Huahua, I still remember the Nash charity football game we went to see together. Yes, he was a regular eater in such a big and chaotic place in New York, and he could be a celebrity from all walks of life.

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This life coach, so in the dressing room, I think rivers Owen and Durant will be the top three in the NBA