Shooters, these problems are to solve their space congestion. In fact, they have a very mature player system. So tearing off the dress is actually adding a torch. They are really back on the road to the championship. I think the biggest advantage of rivers lies in his prestige.

According to experience, Reeves Championship coach, veteran gun, CD and the earth can certainly listen to what he said. Before this coach brown, he was actually a good man, but the level of business is really not enough to be respected by the land and CD. In fact, I can hear this before I give Butler a guest.

In fact, when it comes to the skill of being a young player, I don’t think it’s good enough to be a young player in this organization.

This kind of life tutor, so in the dressing room reconciliation, I think rivers, should also be very qualified. The reason why I gave this deal only forced home, because last season, the season did give rivers a little point reduction ah, if we look at this now.

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Now is it safe to say that the Lakers are the top NBA team I think his handling of interpersonal relationship should be really unique