At that time, we predicted that although the Lakers had just lost a game, we thought they could still win a championship cup. But the fourth game was really the comeback of the Lakers after losing the third game. They won the fourth but the fifth game.

You said that the heat’s victory not only surprised everyone, but also his way of winning, including the bayonet match between Butler and James at the end of the fourth quarter, also contributed to one of the most exciting finals in recent years in the mirror image. The sixth game just ended.

The Lakers basically won from the first quarter. Ah, it can be said that not only from the perspective of the whole season, there are a lot of plot stories, twists and turns. The last three games of the Cavaliers finals also brought you many unexpected surprises. Now that we talk about this game, let’s review it.

How did the Lakers stand out in the finals and beat the dark horse heat? I’d like to ask you two about the performance of the Lakers in the finals, especially the performance of the Lakers in the last three games. What impressed you more? After watching the last few games, yes.

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The previous deal was completed Now is it safe to say that the Lakers are the top NBA team