From the Grizzlies, Conley’s comeback, Kovar Claude and so on, the price ah, this year’s 23 or 24, the previous deal was completed, ah, we just finished in the afternoon, right? Two days ago actually said ah, jazz actually. This year, in February, ah, I wanted to get Michael Conley of the Grizzlies. However, there was no deal. Now, with the No. 23 signing, the deal will be completed smoothly. Sometimes, you have to admire our NBA.

By comparison, Michael Conley is now available for the jazz. The main problem for the Jazz after playing for so many years is still the lack of attack firepower. Mitchell can’t stand on his own. The other defensive players are really playing in the playoffs. Good defense, you don’t have a certain ability to attack. However, when Mitchell is defended, it’s difficult for this team to have explosive power.

There’s no such thing as more blossoming. Maybe, after Michael Conley came to the Jazz team, he can really solve some problems, but he can really achieve it. What’s it like? We have to look at the playoffs. We have to test it in 82 games of the regular season. We have played 20 or 30 games. We have a preliminary judgment. After 40 games, we can have an accurate prediction. We’ll wait and see. With the completion of this transaction, the corresponding chain reaction will also intensify. As we said, Rubio has two players now, and the destination will also drop. One is the Suns, and the other is the Pacers, which is revealed now. I think the treatment is a good place to go.

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