Well, it’s money. It’s a beautiful sword, right? It’s all capitalists. Curry. Anyway, I’m beginning to think that, ah, the position of the boss is stable. Well, the team itself is curry’s. let’s be honest, right? Curry’s is eager for Durant to leave as soon as possible. Durant also wants to leave. But now, in this situation, right?

The relationship between the two sides is. Before, they were not happy. Now, the Anti Japanese war is bad, right? Durant’s hope of leaving after he has healed. Which team can provide Durant with the whole bargaining chip of some transactions?

The Byrd terms all give Durant’s rights. At least in the past few years, we can make up for some of the money lost. This year, he lost 30 million yuan, 20 million yuan in front and 20 million yuan in back. Right? Next year, he will lose 40 million yuan from Yongsheng, 40 million yuan from warriors and indirect losses from other places.

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It's similar to the eighth piston to the sixth finals The previous deal was completed