The Pacers, catching up with Celtic, seems to have said that you can turn it over and listen to this game, that is, the defense war, and then the defense team will be extremely ugly.

It’s similar to the eighth piston to the sixth finals. Yes, I played, ah, this kind of intermittent, this kind of no goal, right? Today, seven people played 84-74 against Celtic and, er, the Pacers. Although a 10 point, well, he was only 80 years old for Celtic. Ah, it’s all been hit. The Pacers team is even worse. The concept of 74 points and 74 points is to play in the half court. Let’s say that 69 points is better than the biggest half, right?

That’s the score. It’s very, very ugly, and it’s two anomalies. Defense plays a series of defensive chat up, and the Pacers also start by defense, right? Driving a team also starts by defense, right? It’s estimated that the Pacers are all civilian players, but they take defense as their duty.

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